12 mei 2011

New Book by Ton Martens

Book: The Paper Monument of The Wall of Nagata-ku, Kobe, Japan by Ton Martens

"During my first working journey to Kobe in 1995 I met the japanese artist Taiji Mihara by Yasuko Nakanishi of Gallery Mssohkan. They showed me 'The Wall' which was saved after the Great Hanshin Earthquake, like it was saved after the bombing of Kobe in 1945 by the Americans. Mr Mihara wanted to keep this wall as . . . The Non-human Witness of the Quake. . . But the municipality of Kobe decided to build houses on this spot. I suggested to make a 'paper monument' of the wall. By rubbing the complete wall onto paper. Unfortunately, in 1995, there was no time left anymore. But I promised that I would come back later. It took me one and a half year to find enough subsidies and sponsors in Holland. In Japan Yasuko and Michiru Nakanish found sponsors by 'The One-sheet-campaign'. From February 19 till March 11 1997 I worked on this project with help of so many." Ton Martens
This book shows all the 76 sheets [size 217 x 97 cm] and some collages, in an edition of 24 copies.


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