15 januari 2010

Annesas Appel

Writing System; Rectangles (more images of Notebook on http://www.annesas.nl)


The inside out of a laptop: a visual analysis and notation

Annesas Appel calls it accidental that she happened to penetrate the hardware, the inside of her notebook, and was surprised by the structure of the components, especially the physical elements of the Printed Circuit Board. Its appearance made her think of a complex city with the different parts recalling architecture, infrastructure and language.
The project Notebook is the artist’s valiant attempt to chart and systematically record her visual fascination for the various forms of the hardware of her notebook. In her analysis of it she didn’t want to overlook any component. Every minute contact point or small connection had to be included. In order to do this, she deliberately, but gently, dismantled the laptop, reducing it to the basic components. It was an irreversible process with far-reaching consequences for both laptop and artist. For this project Appel made a pact with herself that she would bring the painstaking ‘excavation’ of her laptop to a satisfactory conclusion within a period of eighteen months. The process may be compared to the meditative life of a monk. The lengthy procedure involved her copying and categorising every component. What is special is that she mainly based her eight categories solely on aspects of form and generally didn’t concern herself with the functions of the components.
This extensive project led to a series of four consecutive artist’s books in which the entire process is visually logged. In the first book deconstruction, each component found in the notebook has been copied and depicted as a flat surface. The second book decode deciphers the various structures found on the Printed Circuit Board according to form, i.e. lines and rectangles. In this she worked systematically, examining each part for the occurrence of elements from her categories. The most labour-intensive book is writing system in which these decoded structures divided into eight categories are depicted line after line as a legible script. In many respects the result is amazing and unexpected. Associations with architecture recur, among others, in the series Flat Surfaces. The series of lines reveal a wealth and diversity of forms. Also an idea of quantity can be gained, both in the sense of frequent occurrence as well as rarity. In bringing together and systematically arranging similar-shaped components, a context is arrived at in which an observer could believe the work is about a still unknown script. The components are given the connotation of being characters, the meanings of which are as yet unknown: collecting and arranging blend into writing in the eyes of the observer.
Finally, the fourth in the series Index is the ‘log book’ for the entire art work, presenting a review and outline of the results.
It is a liberating thought that such devices can be definitively handed over to fine art and via a personal transformation acquire an unexpected new appeal.

Johan Deumens

notebook, 2009

The project culminated in a compound work of four consecutive artist’s books: deconstruction, decode, writing system and index plus a suite of six prints, all laid up in a handmade box.
Digitally printed on 45 grs. Shoji, handmade Japanese paper. The edition is 12 + 2 a.p.
Published by Annesas Appel. Haarlem The Netherlands, 2009.
Size of the books deconstruction: 28,6 x 19,7 cm, 160 pages. decode: 28,6 x 19,7 cm, 138 pages. writing system: 28,6 x 39,4 cm, 122 pages. index: 28,6 x 19,7 cm, pages 24. prints: 28,6 x 39,4 cm. Digital print on fine art paper 190 grs.

writing system print series, 2009

There are 8 different series: flat surfaces (10 prints), lines (24 prints), imprints (22 prints), circles (18 prints), dashes (12 prints), rectangles (16 prints), squares (10 prints), miscellaneous (9 prints). Include a title page.
Each series has been printed in a separate edition of 1, 2, 3 + 1 A.P. + 1 black version, and part of an edition of 3 complete writing series: I, II, III. Published by Annesas Appel, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 2009. Digital print on Smooth Fine Art Paper 190 grs.
Size of the paper: 28,6 x 39,4 cm.

14 januari 2010

Haarlems Dagblad 9/12/2009

Johan Deumens Gallery verfrist de blik en verruimt de geest

13 januari 2010

Individual co-ordinates

artists in winter residence

A road paved with fresh snow will bring you to the individual co-ordinates of:

Laurence Aëgerter – Kasper Andreasen – Marlies Appel – Luuk Wilmering - Ksenia Galiaeva – Sarah van Sonsbeeck – Mariken Wessels - Peter Spaans

The exhibition Individual Co-ordinates has been extended up to and including Saturday 6 February 2010

De tentoonstelling Individual Co-ordinates Is verlengd tot en met zaterdag 6 februari 2010

Artists Individual co-ordinates

Laurence Aëgerter

Le Louvre, 2008, Photographs.
INV. 3197-0803040946 (La Raie, Chardin)
C-print, edition: 3. Size: 98 x 126 cm / 39,37 x 49,61 inch.

Kasper Andreasen

Ronda Spain, 2009
Original drawing. Size 91,5 x 140 cm / 36,02 x 55,12 inch.

Marlies Appel

2d3d4d + K, 1997
Series of 8 coppery drawings.
Size: 30 x 30 cm / 11,81 x 11,81 inch.

Ksenia Galiaeva

Dacha, 2009
Book in an edition of 500 copies. 136 pages.
Special edition in an edition of 12 copies, book + an unique set of Photographs.
Size book: 17,5 x 24,5 cm / 6,89 x 9,65 inch.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck

Mental space - How my neighbours become buildings, 2009.
Book in edition of 30 copies in a special box.
Size book: 30 x 30 cm / 11,81 x 11,81 inch.

Peter Spaans

On the road too, 2009
Book in edition of 75 copies in a special box + a unique
set of 10 photographs. 1130 pages.
Size book: 12,5 x 21,5 x 9 cm / 4,92 x 8,46 x 3,54 inch.

Mariken Wessels

Elisabeth - I want to eat, 2008
Book in edition of 150 copies. 78 pages.
Special edition; Book + two prints in edition of 5 copies.
Size: 24 x 33 cm / 9,45 x 12,99 inch.

Luuk Wilmering

Cut Out, 2009, Al Quds Al-Arabi.
Edition of 17 original prints.

Size: 42 x 59,4 cm / 16,54 x 23,39 inch.

12 januari 2010

Arturo Herrera, Schloss, 2009

Schloss, a seven print series by Arturo Herrera combining scanned images (A. Racco) from the book Moderne Dekokunst in der konditorei with photo-engravings (A&G) of the artist’s interventions printed on Hahnemühle proofing and Somerset Satin 500g (J. Samuel & S. Gessow). Edition of 15 w/4 AP sets.
Edition Jacob Samuel, Santa Monica, 2009
Size of the box: 45,5 x 41 cm. 17.9 x 16,1 inches. Size of the paper: 42,5 x 37 cm. 16.7 x 14.6 inches. Size of the plate: 23 x 18 cm. 9.1 x 7.1 inches.

Schloss is an unusual work for Arturo Herrera, who is known primarily for large and small scale collage as well as murals, minimalist sculpture and drawings that reference Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Herrera, originally from Venezuela, currently lives in Berlin, staying there after receiving a DAAD grant.

In mid-2009, while browsing in a Berlin flea market, he came upon a book on the fine art of pastry decoration published in 1925 containing numerous colour plates depicting outrageous cakes and ridiculously imaginative decorative elements. Edible objects as diverse as a turkish bedroom slipper made of marzipan to small cakes with the shape and coloring of roast chickens.

Herrera knew that he wanted to work with these images but rather than going in a familiar direction such as collage, he chose to make interventions using black ink applied with pen and brush.
The variety of these interventions ranges from a few subtle lines and marks to large black and grey ink washes that al but obscure the formal presentation of the pastry.

10 januari 2010

herman de vries - eschenau summer press publication

Charlotte Dumas - Heart Shaped Hole, Portfolio 2008

The portfolio Heart Shaped Hole is an edition by Johan Deumens and Charlotte Dumas. It contains two signed 20 x 25 cm colour prints of the series Heart Shaped Hole, edition of 40 copies. A publication of the same name was published by the artist in October 2008.

Abramovic & Ulay - Nightsea Crossing 1980 - 1987

Casette with 20 prints. Portfolio casette: 42.5 x 33.0 x 7 cm C-type prints, each 17.0 x 22.5 cm in passpartous: 31.5 x 41.5 cm. All signed by Marina Abramovic and Ulay. Includes 1 catalogue; Abramovic & Ulay, 'Modus Vivendi' 1985 and 1 artist's book 'El Dorado' with original drawings by the artists'.

more images and other works:

Hans Scholten - Urban Future

Aleppo 2006 September
(click to enlarge image)

Hans Scholten's Urban Future photography project investigates the rapid, chaotic development of large cities in Asia and the Middle East. Shot in bright daylight, his formal, black-and-white compositions offer a bleak view of China's modern skycrapers --as in Shanghai, from 2005-07 -- and traditional, nondescript housing -- Tehran, nr.2, taken during the same period -- in Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Azerbaijan. Built wherever developers desire, these buildings share a disregard for organized city planning and infrastructure.

Paul Heimbach - Komponisten

Group of 12 composers, in each case two designs on tracing paper, on the lower level date of birth, on the upper level the day of death, lying one above the other (blue for the day, red for the month, and yellow for the year, in consequence differently beginning).

John Cage 05.09.1912 - 12.08.1992
Morton Feldman 12.1.1926 - 3.9.1987

Henry Cowell 11.3.1897 - 10.12.1965

Hans Waanders - Dagger

86 handmade and handprinted images of dagger-shaped bills of kingfishers. Including a list of 86 handbooks showing the shape of the kingfisher's bill.
Artist's book photo-copy and handstamped in edition od 25 copies. Numbered and Signed. 21 x 15 cm.

Special folder with available works can be sent on request.

herman de vries

stream (water reproductions)
set of 3 photographs in colour, 46.6 x 66 cm each, handmade prints on kodak paper, mounted on black museum quality cardboard, total size 47,2 x 200,4 cm, in a fine portfolio with a short text inside, signed and numbered, edition of 17 copies and 2 artists' proofs, published in 1992 by lydia megert editions bern.

catalogue incomplete d'exosition complete de luang-prabang: a random sample of my visual chances, 18.1.1975.
uncomplete catalog of the complete exhibition of luang-prabang...
re-edition 1992 bei lydia megert, edition of 25 copies, numbered and signed 26/50 - 50/50.

Yvonne Dröge Wendel - Black Ball - Visible traces - 2000-2008


Anett Frontzek - 'Ost-Seestücke'

über NN (or between Rügen and Mon), Graphite on paper, 21 x 29,7 cm

Series of 5: Trindelen, Mellenknob & Meer
Graphite on paper, 60 x 80 cm, Exhibition in Städtischen Galerie Nordhorn

Nordperd, Südperd & Meer I, Graphite on paper, 152 x 110 cm,


Frans Baake - Archief Synergie

[in]visible # 2. Artists' books by Frans Baake
september 5 - 30, 2009

re-start / rest-art, 2007

Beautiful but boring / boring but beautiful, 2006

isLANDings, 2007