1 december 2012

"Splendid Isolation" (Schitterende Afzondering) .

Exhibition, until Saturday Dec. 8th 2012

Splendid Isolation is an exhibition on lines and maps with a special focus on conceptual and gestural approaches. I presume you will like it. The exhibition shows how primary steps in an artistic practice are about idiosyncratic perception. Splendid Isolation is an exhibition that offers a range of visually enticing works on paper which unite artists who disengage fragments and representations of culture. In choosing surprising points of view and rules of transformation the artists invite to a renewed way of seeing.The term isolation is here is meant as a means to eliminate noise and provide clarity. "This is is my perspective, and topic. Here it is." Similar to the way Rudi Fuchs typified Sol Lewitt's Wall Drawing #1084, namely as an art that is clear, laconic, and rich in variation. (De Groene Amsterdammer, 15 Nov. 2012, p. 49)

Until Saterday December 8. Wednesday - Saturday 12.00 - 5.00 pm ARTISTS included are Martin Brandsma, Annesas Appel, Kasper Andreasen, Richard Long, Anett Frontzek, Marlies Appel and Alicja Werbachowska. There is also a selection of artists' books on show.